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Driving-there is a lot going on

For many a parent in the Houston area, their teen's receipt of a driver's license is an occasion of both relief and stress. Relief, in that they can now drive themselves to all those places they need to go, from afterschool sports to friends homes to jobs. The stress comes from know they are driving themselves in the congested Houston traffic, with all the perils that entails.

Driverless cars-it may be awhile before they hit the showroom

Humans are a problem in an automobile. Driving around Houston, you see they are easily distracted by everything from a crying baby in the back seat to a text message on their cell phone. They get drunk and become fatigued. They have car accidents and suffer personal injuries that require weeks in the hospital and sometimes cost millions of dollars for their recovery.

Wrong place, wrong time

The risk of a car accident is always with you when you drive. Whether you are diving from Houston to El Paso or Amarillo or down the street to the grocery store, no matter how careful a driver you are, you cannot control the actions of others. If you are stopped at an intersection and a vehicle comes screaming around a corner and loses control, what chance do you have at avoiding a crash?

Road rage and death on the highway

Unintended consequences. The problem with driving is that we all do it too much. Our cars are like extensions of our living rooms. They have comfortable seats, air conditioning, cup holders, TV screens, phones and any number of bells and whistles to keep us comfortable and amused. Nevertheless, there is a significant difference between our vehicle and a room in our house.

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