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September 2013 Archives

High school students still engage in extreme binge drinking

They like to say everything is big in Texas, but when it comes to binge drinking, it's not just Texas that has a problem. Researchers asked high school seniors and found that 1 in 5 admitted to drinking five or more drinks in a row in a two-week period. This is considered the base line for binge drinking, but some high school students take it further, consuming 10 drinks at a time, an a frightening 5.6 percent say that they have 15 or more drinks at one sitting.

Seeing may not be believing with motorcycles

The "Start Seeing Motorcycles" campaign has been running for years. Yet, every day in Houston, motorcyclist are witness to incomprehensible behavior by drivers of cars and trucks. They pull out directly in front of bikes, as if the motorcycle was invisible. This, of course, leads to frequent motorcycle accidents, which are never a good thing for motorcycle riders.

Was it the heart attack or car accident that lead to his death?

Strange traffic accidents can lead to difficult cases. On Monday, a pickup struck a Houston Fire Department ambulance that was taking a man who had suffered a heart attack to the hospital. The force of the collision tossed the heart attack victim and the paramedics around inside the ambulance and the man stopped breathing.

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Highway safety is improving. We think. Or maybe not. Or it depends on how old you are. The meeting of the Governors Highway Safety Association discussed various highway safety issues, but for one writer, the odd nature of the up and down number of fatal accidents was the most notable feature.

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