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Truck crash on I-30 overpass

Modern interstate highway construction is remarkable. The roads, often eight to 12 lanes wide, with additional on- and off-ramps are massive, covering hundreds of acres of prime real estate in cities like Houston and Dallas, and across the country. Traffic engineers go to great lengths and enormous expense to route lanes over, under and across other lanes, to create areas where traffic can merge safety.

Have you ever wondered, when you are driving a hundred feet in the air, what would happen if you hit a guardrail or median barrier? Or, if while you were driving below such an overpass, if a vehicle overhead struck the edge and went over the railing? Car and truck accidents like this do happen, as recent news from Maryland describes how a women's car was pushed over the edge of the Bay Bridge by a truck accident, and this weekend from Dallas, of a deadly truck crash on the I-30 in Grand Prairie.

The horrific accident was caught on tape by traffic cameras located near the intersection. The truck suddenly appears from the right side of the picture, hurtles through the air, narrowly missing cars driving beneath it, crashes in the median of the lanes and explodes.

Bystanders rushed to aid the driver, but the violence of the crash meant they were too late to help. Fortunately, the truck avoided crashing into any other vehicles or landing on them, or there would have been additional fatalities.

The reason behind why the driver lost control of the truck is under investigation, we suspect many of the drivers who witnessed the crash will never look at an overpass in quite the same way.

Source:, "Chilling images of fatal truck crash in Grand Prairie," August 5, 2013

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