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Motorcycle pushed by SUV for 150 yards in Houston

There are almost no words to describe a motorcycle accident that recently occurred in Houston, Texas. One person may call it shocking while another might use tragic, but no matter what you call it, it cost the motorcycle rider his life.

Officials with the Harris County Sheriff's Office confirmed that the driver of a motorcycle had pulled out of a parking lot at the exact time that an SUV was speeding down the roadway. Not only was the SUV traveling above the posted speed limit, but police confirmed that it was a stolen vehicle involved in a high-speed chase.

When the motorcycle turned into the roadway, the SUV sped up to it, crashing into the back of the motorcycle. After striking the motorcycle, the SUV continued to drive for another 50 yards before the rider was pushed off the bike. The SUV then drove a further 100 yards, pushing the motorcycle forward. 

When the bike finally burst into flames, the drivers of the SUV hit the breaks. The two men then exited the vehicle and fled the scene. 

There are some accident cases that seem to go beyond the definition of "accident." When circumstances show that a driver was grossly negligent there is a second type of damages that may be available in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. 

The first type and the most common is compensatory damages aimed at the victim for medical bills, lost wages, funeral costs or pain and suffering. 

Although sought by the victim or on their behalf, the second type of damages are focused on punishing the negligent party for actions that went beyond normal negligence. This second type of damages is called punitive damges. 

Each case is unique, and while there are laws that guide, a personal injury attorney can fight to maximize a compensation award for their client. 

Source: abc 13, "HCSO: Motorcyclist killed in fiery hit-and-run crash with stolen SUV in northeast Harris County," June 23, 2013

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