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July 2013 Archives

Traffic and roads: the chicken or egg

The never-ending tension between greater speed and efficiency of transport and greater safety of residents is playing out in Copperfield in Northwest Houston. Residents are complaining that too much traffic and too little enforcement are creating a deadly combination that could lead to tragic consequences on the once quiet neighborhood streets.

Drunk driver kills three in Arlington

Drunk driving can lead to can lead to horrific traffic accidents, as a report from Dallas demonstrates this morning. A drunken driver rear-ended another car on the I-30 early this morning, leaving two adults and a child dead. The crash occurred overnight at 2:30 a.m. when pickup struck the back end of a sedan. The car was left disabled in the center lane of I-30 without working taillights, when a second pickup pulling a trailer with landscape materials slammed into it.

Bad weather adds to dangers of driving in Texas

Rain can put a damper on people's summer plans. Picnics and barbeques get cancelled; baseball games are delayed or called off; people end up spending camping trips trapped in tents. Rain can be more than just an irritating inconvenience, however. Bad weather can make it dangerous to travel on Texas roads and lead to motor vehicle accidents.

What to do after a car accident in Texas

Texas is a large state offering many destinations. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy the state's coastline, big cities and college towns. For those who choose to drive through the state to enjoy these offerings, it is important to have a basic understanding of the steps that should be taken if involved in a car accident.

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