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June 2013 Archives

The Fourth is the first

The Fourth of July means celebrating the countries birthday, backyard cookouts, fireworks. Because many people in Houston drive to parties, fireworks, the Gulf, or go on a vacation, there are more people on the road. Potentially, many parties may start their celebrating early in the day, and they may have a drink or two during that period. All of this can combine to create the right conditions for car accidents.

Houston ambulance overturns after being struck by drunken driver

Emergency first responders, often working for a fire department or other emergency response team, staff ambulances around the clock. The paramedics and other emergency medical workers provide a quick response when we need it the most, whether it is a medical emergency at home or a car or truck accident on the highway. For those who drive ambulances, there is always a risk.

Large truck: Bigger may not be better

Large trucks are dangerous. A semi-truck, consisting of tractor with a 53 foot trailer weighing 80,000 lbs moving at 70 miles per hour represents a great deal of potential energy, and anyone who has witnessed the aftermath of a tractor-trailer accident that occurs at highway speeds can testify to the enormous destructive energy released.

Fewer motorcycle helmets equal increased hospital costs

For many, riding a motorcycle is the epitome of freedom. Taking a bike out on the open road, the wind in their hair, is what cycling is all about. And the wind in the hair is important, as they feel helmets impair their ability to safely operate their motorcycles. They have campaigned for years to repeal mandatory helmet laws, as they have done in Texas, and last year they succeeded in Michigan.

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