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Awareness week ends on Sunday, awareness doesn't have to

Texas is one of the few states with year-round walking weather. Despite its large land mass, more and more are "taking to the streets" as Harris residents decide to get a little healthier, save some money, go green or just get out and enjoy the nice weather. More pedestrians means a higher risk for fatal accidents when drivers aren't paying attention. 

That is why nonprofit, government and other agencies, including AARP support Global Road Safety Week this week, running from Monday, May 6 through Sunday, May 12. Safety week involves raising awareness about the number of pedestrian falalities and what government agencies and drivers can do to reduce the risk. 

One is too many, but in the year 2011 there were over 4.400 pedestrian deaths that occurred either on American roadways or as a result of serious injuries suffered in a collision. Of those reported, approximately 20 percent of the accidents involved elderly pedestrians -- a shocking number when considering the fact that they comprise only 13 percent of the overall population.

Also at an increased risk for these types of accidents are children. In 2010, 19 percent of fatal accidents involved the death of a child between the ages of five and nine.

The awareness week hopes to help prompt local and state governments to improve safety at intersections by adding pedestrian warning signs, increasing the number of crosswalks and ensuring that roads are properly maintained.

For the families of those who have been killed in an auto-pedestrian accident, answers are needed now. Wrongful death attorneys can help them obtain the compensation that they deserve. 



Source: AARP, "Road Safety for Every Age," Jana Lynott, May 8, 2013

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