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May 2013 Archives

How safe is that bridge you drove across today?

We are all driving on borrowed time. The collapse of an I-5 interstate bridge in Washington last week is only the most recent reminder that we all have a debt to pay. And it is growing larger by the hour. The U.S. built thousands of bridges as American grew to love the automobile. Many of those bridges have faithfully served, carrying millions of passengers every day. However, we have been negligent. Most bridges are built to last approximately 50 years. After that, they need significant repairs or complete replacement.

Pasadena police officers killed in truck accident

The highways of this country have a sort of unflinchingly democratic nature to them. They spare no one. Everyone is at risk of being injured or killed in a car accident. No matter how experienced, how skilled or how knowledgeable of the risks, we all can find ourselves in a position that risks life and limb. A tragic story concerning two off-duty Pasadena, Texas police officers exemplifies this.

Awareness week ends on Sunday, awareness doesn't have to

Texas is one of the few states with year-round walking weather. Despite its large land mass, more and more are "taking to the streets" as Harris residents decide to get a little healthier, save some money, go green or just get out and enjoy the nice weather. More pedestrians means a higher risk for fatal accidents when drivers aren't paying attention. 

Pedestrians: an afterthought for road design

Highways, streets and roads in this country are designed for one purpose only: the efficient movement of motor vehicles. Often they fail this essential purpose, as is witnessed by the 5.5 billion of hours wasted by congestion and traffic in 2011. And while interstate/controlled access highways are limited to vehicles only, the side streets and major thoroughfares in a town like Houston are occasionally used by pedestrians. Those roads are often designed to cause pedestrians accidents and deaths.

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