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April 2013 Archives

Driver may have "blacked out" before fatal bus accident

The driver of a bus that overturned and crashed on an Irving interstate, killing two passengers at the scene and one passenger, who died later, has been attributed to the driver. The bus crash happened on April 11 when the bus veered off the road, struck a concrete barrier and flipped. The driver is reported to have said that he may have blacked out immediately prior to the crash.

Fatigued drivers much more prevalent than previously thought

A study form the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute has found that fatigue is a much greater cause of motor vehicle accidents. The naturalistic study of 100-cars and their drivers concluded that fatigue was present almost ten times more that previously reported, or in 20 percent of all car crashes. The naturalistic study was conducted observing real drivers on ordinary streets and highways. The cars were equipped with sensors and cameras that allowed researchers to later observe drivers in a real driving environment.

Driving and daydreaming--accidents will happen

We discuss distracted driving a great deal, and a significant source of distraction is cell phone related. That is not the only, or the largest source of distraction, according to a report by an insurance company. They reviewed police data collected at crash scenes and complied by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration in their Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS).

With cars, you can never be too careful

We like to think of cars in many ways, as something that can get us from Houston to Galveston, as a high-tech living room with all the latest electronic devices, to a projection of our image. But one thing we should never forget is danger thousands of pounds of steel moving at highway speeds pose, both to us when we are in them and when we are around them.

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