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March 2013 Archives

Car accident outside of Houston kills family from Ohio

A horrific car accident occurred on Texas 105 last weekend outside of Houston, near Conroe, when pickup truck struck a car carrying a family of four from Cleveland. The force of the crash killed all of the people in the car, while the driver of the pickup was transported to the hospital by emergency personal in critical condition. The violence of the collision was underscored by the fact the engine was ripped from the truck and was left laying in the highway.

Woman who caused fatal accident receives five-year sentence

Driving a car is dangerous because of speed. It is the basic physics of mass times acceleration squared that equals force. And when a vehicle is moving at average highway speeds, there is a great deal of potential force present. At 55 mph, a car or truck is traveling approximately 88 feet per second. When a vehicle suddenly stops, all that force is released, leaving sometimes-horrific results in a car accident.

Eleven teens die in two accidents across the country on the same day

Teens often make mistakes. One of the strongest arguments for the strict enforcement of graduated driving license is presented by the two accidents this Sunday that left 11 teens dead in two SUV accidents, separated by more than a thousand miles, but connected by a pervasive sense of tragedy. In Dumas, Texas, five teenagers died when the SUV they were in ran a red light and struck a gas tanker truck, causing both vehicles to burst into flames. The truck driver was airlifted to a burn unit in critical condition with his injuries.

Study finds pregnant women should still use their seatbelts

Pregnancy is a life changing experience. Not only are you creating a new life, but for nine months, living in your own body may seem more like an out-of-body experience, where you look different, feel different and sometimes act different. However much your perspective changes, one thing remains absolutely the same: Newtonian physics. The basic equation of Force, F=ma², where "m" is mass and "a²" is acceleration squared.

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