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Head-on crash in Texoma takes woman's life, injures 3 others

A recent head-on collision near the Texas-Oklahoma line is a sad reminder of how quickly an auto accident can change lives forever. According to police, a Jeep crossed into the oncoming lane of traffic and collided head-on with an SUV. The crash sent three of the Jeep occupants to a hospital, and the woman driving the SUV died at the scene.

The 35-year-old Texoma man driving the Jeep was charged with manslaughter. The family of the deceased woman is undoubtedly reeling with grief.

Man injured in fiery hit-and-run accident in Houston

An ordinary drive across Houston has the potential to turn dangerous in a moment. Drivers on the road have more distractions than ever before, and negligent drivers cause car accidents everyday across the city. Unfortunately, many of these wrecks result in harm to innocent motorists and serious damage to their vehicles.

In southwest Houston, a man was the victim of a hit-and-run accident after a minivan collided with the rear end of his car. The impact sent the man's car off the road and crashing into a tree, at which point the vehicle caught fire. The man was able to escape from the wreck, and he was taken to a hospital for medical treatment. Meanwhile, the driver of the minivan fled the scene. As of April 5, police were still looking for the culprit.

Houston semi-truck crash takes life of SUV driver

Every day, motorists drive side-by-side with commercial semi-trucks on roads throughout Texas. Although many operators of these trucks are well-trained, responsible drivers, truck accidents still happen with devastating consequences. Unfortunately, occupants of passenger vehicles involved in these crashes often pay an immense physical price.

A recent wreck involving an 18-wheeler on the Southwest Freeway has led to the death of a motorist in another vehicle. An SUV reportedly collided with a USPS semi-truck, and both vehicles caught fire. The front of the semi-truck was suspended over the edge of the freeway as motorists watched in disbelief. 

Texas man in critical condition after motorcycle accident

Whether you are heading across town for a night out or hitting the open roads of Texas for a long trip, a motorcycle is a great way to ride. However, even the best precautions cannot protect riders from a negligent or inattentive driver. Modern drivers have more to distract them than ever before, from in-car GPS and DVD players to smartphones. Whether they are occupied with an electronic device, speeding or simply not paying attention, motorists often overlook the presence of motorcycle riders on the road.

In Plano, a rider is in serious condition after a collision with a pickup truck in the northern town of Pottsboro. The driver of the truck was heading south on Highway 289 when she attempted to make a left turn off the highway, subsequently colliding with the motorcyclist who was heading north.

Passenger killed in multi-vehicle accident in Texas

In the wake of fatal auto accidents, grieving families are often left with many questions but very few answers. For example, if a passenger dies in a crash that appears to have been caused by the driver, the family of the deceased may struggle with the question of liability. Who will cover the cost of funeral expenses, medical bills and any lost wages resulting from the fatal accident?

Some of these issues may arise after a fatal three-vehicle crash in Texas. According to police, the accident occurred when a Chevrolet Camaro crossed into an oncoming lane of traffic and hit a livestock trailer being pulled by a pickup truck.  The car then collided with a dump truck that was travelling behind the trailer.

Poorly maintained Texas delivery truck injures worker

Trucks are one of the primary delivery vehicles used by companies all over the world. It is the responsibility of these companies and the drivers of the trucks to make sure that their vehicles are always in prime shape. Proper maintenance is needed, and failure to maintain these trucks can result in truck accidents that too often result in loss of life and limb.

Maintenance issues pose risks not only to other motorists, but also to the drivers and passengers of large trucks. This appears to have been the case in an accident involving the passenger of a Texas delivery truck.

Passenger killed in Texas car chase

At one time, you may have told a loved one that you aren't worried about his or her driving, but you are worried about the actions of other drivers. This concern also applies when a loved one is a passenger in a reckless driver's vehicle.  That appears to have been the reality for a young woman who was recently killed in Travis County.

The fatal accident reportedly happened in the pre-dawn hours of March 2. A member of the local sheriff's patrol claims to have witnessed a car's speed exceed 100 miles per hour. A chase ensued, and even while travelling at 115 miles per hour, the patrol officer reportedly couldn't catch up with the car.

Retired Texas police officer killed in suspected DUI accident

With the high volume of traffic on the roads, drivers need to be alert and focused at all times. Even then, they can run into trouble. When someone on the road is intoxicated, they are unable to respond as well as they might need to, posing a threat to themselves and others. Unfortunately, drunk driving accidents are not uncommon. One such case was suspected in Texas recently.

In Galveston, a car driven by a 19-year-old former cheerleader allegedly ran into a motorcycle as she left a parking lot. A 52-year-old senior police officer and her 61-year-old retired husband were on the motorcycle. The husband, who had served as a police officer himself, died in the incident. His wife was taken to a hospital in critical condition.

Teen killed in multi-collision hit and run in a Harris County

Do you remember when you were still getting your driver's license? You needed to pass the written and practical driving tests first before you received legal driving privileges. These tests are not only given to make sure that you have knowledge of the rules and regulations of driving, but also to ensure that you become a responsible driver in case you get involved in a car accident.

Responsibility was what a witness of a fatal accident asked of the drivers who struck a 14-year-old girl. Multiple vehicles in Harris County reportedly hit the teenager during a particularly rainy night. Having seen that the victim was injured, the witness pulled her vehicle over in an effort to deter other cars from striking the girl.

Motorcyclist injured in Tyler after driver fails to yield

There’s nothing quite like the feel of riding a motorcycle. Whether it’s alone or with friends, riding a motorcycle is a great way to take a road trip or just get out and enjoy the day. Unfortunately, motorcycles also pose the risk of serious and potentially fatal injury to riders. Each year, a high number of people in Houston are killed in motorcycle accidents, and many of these are caused by negligence on the part of other drivers.

In Tyler, Texas, a motorcyclist was injured after a collision involving another vehicle. The accident occurred as a result of the automobile driver’s alleged failure to yield to the motorcyclist, who was approaching in oncoming traffic. The motorcycle struck the vehicle, leaving its rider in need of medical attention. The motorcyclist was taken to a hospital in town.

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