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Harris County Motor Vehicle Accident Law Blog

What should I do right away after an auto accident?

Car accidents happen every day in the United States, and they often leave people injured or dead. Those lucky enough to walk away should be grateful to still have their lives, but that doesn't mean they should let the reckless and negligent driver who caused the accident off easy. People are expected to be responsible drivers, so when they fail to do so, the people that they affect should not be afraid to take action and file a claim against them.


Reasons adjustments are made to a jury's award

Wrongful death cases are not the easiest for people to handle because of the many emotions they may be experiencing during this time. In the midst of dealing with their loss, they must fight to recover damages and pick up the pieces. For many, things will not go back to normal, but with the help of the money they recover for damages, they can start to move on. Unfortunately, the final amount they receive from the liable party isn't determined by them, which means they could end up with more or less than they expected.

Motorcyclist dead after Plano, Texas crash

Here in Texas, with our open roads and sunny skies, we have some of the best byways for riding a motorcycle. But, just like every other state, we also have drivers who don't see motorcycles or are even openly hostile to the ones they do see. In addition, our roads are filled with intoxicated drivers and drivers who feel the inexplicable need to send a text while they're driving.

All of these factors can spell disaster for a motorcyclist, especially considering that they don't have the protections that other vehicles have. That means if a car collides with you, you're going to hit the pavement. And that's exactly what happened in Plano, Texas recently.

Don't ignore manufacturer's safety recalls

Motorcycles are very fun to ride, but just like other motor vehicles, they need to be properly maintained and cared for by their owners. There are a few maintenance tasks that people do on a regular basis, but there are times when a bike needs to be repaired because of things that occur out of the ordinary. A good example of this is when a part needs to be repaired because it is defective.

Why certain compensation systems can cause accidents

It is expected of every driver who gets behind the wheel of a vehicle that they make smart decisions and follow the laws of the road. Many people live up to this expectation and are never negligent, but there are others who fail to do what they need to do to avoid an accident. This may happen for many reasons, but when it comes to truck drivers, it could be the compensation system their employer has in place.

Do officers always test a driver's blood alcohol level?

Every day, people get into their car and decide to drive home while they are intoxicated. Some people make it to their destination, but unfortunately, others will end up causing a fatal accident. Should this happen, there are a number of things the police might do following the accident, including testing the blood alcohol level of all parties involved.

76-year-old man dies in two-car accident

When someone is behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, they are expected to drive responsibly and follow the laws of the road. While many people choose to follow these rules, others may fail to do so. The surprising thing is that even when people are following the rules and being cautious, there is still a chance that they can be involved in an accident.

In Texas, a man was left dead after a two-car accident. The incident occurred when a car made a U-turn and was struck by another vehicle. The 76-year-old man who died was not the driver of the vehicle. It was not said if he died on the scene, but the three other people involved in the accident, including two from the other car, were all transported to the hospital.

Issues motorcycle riders may experience when driving

Driving can be fun, but there are also times where it can cause people a bit of anxiety when they think about the possibility of being involved in an accident. It is not always easy operating a motor vehicle, whether it is a car, truck or motorcycle. It can especially be hard when there are things preventing you from driving safely. Should an accident occur, sometimes, other drivers are to blame for the accident, but motorcycle riders themselves have to be aware of the other issues that can arise while they are riding.

The following are examples of issues motorcycle riders may experience while driving:

Request compensation for lost wages following a car accident

Some people go through life never having been in a car accident, while others are not so lucky. There are a number of reasons that car accidents occur, but many times, it is simply because there is a driver who has failed to pay attention or follow the laws of the road. It is one thing to be negligent and endanger your own life, but when your actions interfere with the lives of others, it is not something that should be tolerated. This is why when someone has been involved in a car accident and can't return to work due to their injuries, they should request compensation for lost wages.

What should drivers avoid when near a truck?

Truck accidents are a scary experience. Trucks are large and heavy, if you are involved in a truck accident, you are lucky to walk away with your life. Often, those who survive a truck accident are still injured in some way. They may want to blame the truck driver for their injuries, but in some cases, it has been another driver's actions, not the truck driver's, that has caused the accident.

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