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Are motorcycle accidents always caused by road users?

As many motorcyclists in Texas are aware, the roads are not always as safe as you might hope. People drive too fast or fail to pay enough attention. Others are fatigued or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Whatever the case, it is bad news for anyone sharing the roads with them, especially motorcyclists. Having less protection than people in other vehicles, motorcyclists often suffer serious and even fatal injuriess if they become involved in a crash.

Trucks are subject to maximum weight restrictions

The roads of Texas are constantly busy, as people rush about their daily business. Most drive with care and attention to those around them, but some are too careless, too distracted or simply in too much of a hurry. Unfortunately, the consequence of this is often a serious accident, causing severe injuries and even costing lives. Furthermore, the volume of trucks on the roads of Texas means that these large vehicles are also often involved in such collisions.

Texas principal killed in collision

As many drivers in Texas know, the roads are not always as safe as you might hope. A single irresponsible individual behind the wheel of a vehicle can put everyone else in danger, often with devastating consequences. In the aftermath of these incidents, survivors and those close to the victims are left wondering where to turn and how to move forward from such a tragic incident.

Dangerous drivers put you and all other road users at risk

Nothing can compare to the experience of losing a loved one. Sadly, it is something that many inhabitants of Texas have to live with. Every day, countless lives are lost in accidents throughout the state. Worse still, many of these are preventable incidents, brought about by the negligence or irresponsible action of others. This is especially the case on the roads, where people regularly get behind the wheel of a car despite not being in a fit state to do so.

Some drive drunk, with inhibited reactions. Others drive while too tired and unable to concentrate. Some allow themselves to be distracted by passengers or even their mobile phones, while others again simply go too fast. Whatever the case, all of these factors can lead to devastating accidents, often involving innocent people.

What can you expect after a DUI accident?

Not all drivers in Texas are as mindful as they should be. Some drive too fast or ignore road signs, others allow themselves to be distracted by mobile phones or their passengers and others fail to signal appropriately or give adequate space to other drivers. One particularly common problem, however, is drunk driving. Throughout the state and, indeed, the entirety of the U.S. countless road users decide to operate their vehicles while intoxicated.

Not only does this put them at risk, it also endangers everyone else sharing the road with them. All too often this results in a devastating accident and serious injuries for all involved. No matter how safely you drive, such an incident can easily catch you off guard, with life-changing consequences.

What is a no-zone?

Driving in Texas is not always as safe as you might hope. All too often, a simple mistake leads to devastating accidents that turn lives upside-down and leave families shattered. Many of these accidents involve trucks. These large vehicles, often with heavy or hazardous loads can do a lot of damage if something goes wrong. However, it is not always the fault of the truck driver when this occurs.

Something many drivers forget is that trucks do not afford the same field of vision as smaller vehicles do. As a result, there are areas around a truck that the driver simply cannot see. As this article on truck crashes explains, these are often referred to as no-zones. This is because not only can the driver not see in these areas, but also because they are areas into which you should not move your vehicle.

Motorcycle riders at greater risk of death

Road accidents in Texas are far more common than most would like to think. Sadly, it only takes a small error for disaster to strike and everyone on the road at the time is affected. For motorcyclists, this is a particularly dangerous problem. In a crash where someone in a car might have survived, motorcyclists are still at great risk of dying. According to statistics from this article on motorcycle accidents, the chance of a motorcyclist dying in a crash is about 26 times that of the same happening to someone in a car.

To make things worse, in many cases these accidents are not even the fault of the motorcyclist. As their small vehicles are often less visible on the roads, sometimes other drivers simply do not see them. Others fail to account for the effect their vehicle might have on a motorcycle, for example, if they turn quickly in front of them or suddenly brake in their path.

Fiery crash kills toddler in Texas

It is a sad fact that all too many drivers in Texas take too little care on the roads. To make things worse, when these drivers make a mistake, it is everyone around them that suffers. During the holiday season, events like this are even more prominent as families rush to visit each other, people hurry to get home and others decide to take a chance on driving drunk.

Whatever the cause, a car crash is always a traumatic event for all involved. Devastatingly, one such incident occurred a mere three days before Christmas when two SUVs became engulfed by flames after one allegedly rear-ended the other. The driver of the first vehicle has been reported by officers to have been speeding. He escaped with injuries that were not deemed to be life-threatening.

Seek justice for the death of your loved one

Texas is no stranger to fatal accidents. Every year on the state's busy roads, countless crashes occur, leaving many of the victims shaken, traumatized or gravely injured. Others do not survive the experience, leaving behind families who now must fight to fill a void while struggling with the financial burden of their loss. Worse still, many of these fatal accidents could and should be prevented.

The negligence of other drivers is the main cause of disaster on the roads. A moment's inattentiveness, someone driving too fast, someone behind the wheel while intoxicated. Any of these people can be the cause of a devastating crash, yet it may be someone you love that pays the price.

Stand up to negligent trucking companies

Truck accidents are disastrous for all concerned. Any other vehicles involved are likely to suffer extensive damages, while their occupants could be faced with serious injuries or worse. However, it is not only those external to the truck that suffer. Every year in Texas, truck drivers are harmed in accidents that are not their fault.

Sometimes these crashes are caused by other drivers. They move into a truck's blind spot, brake suddenly without leaving the truck time to react or even pull in front of them without accelerating away fast enough. Whatever the case, the consequences are usually dire. To make things worse, if anyone else is harmed, the truck driver is left with the burden of guilt, even if he or she was not to blame.

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