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Know how to protect yourself from motorcycle accidents

As many motorcyclists in Texas will know, the roads can be a dangerous place. However, the thrill and enjoyment gained from riding a motorcycle is often enough to override any fear of harm. Fortunately, many motorcyclists get by without ever having an accident. However, countless others are not so lucky, suffering serious injuries or even death as a result of a crash.

Being on a motorcycle, you are automatically more at risk than you would be if you were in a car. One factor of this is that your vehicle is smaller and harder for others on the road to notice and avoid. The other side of it is that if an accident occurs, you have far less protection than someone in an enclosed vehicle.

Be prepared to act in the wake of a car accident

If you become involved in a car accident, you are likely to have any number of things racing through your head. Is everyone OK? How badly damaged is the car? Who was at fault? Accidents usually result in various costs, along with a lot of stress and trauma. Often they also bring about serious injuries or even death.

It's a lot to take in, especially if you have been badly hurt. One thing you might wish to do is to determine liability and make a claim against the person responsible, as we discussed previously. However, in order to do so, you will need certain information. There are also vital steps you must take, both for your own safety and to protect your ability to make a claim.

What causes truck accidents to occur?

Trucks are not an uncommon sight on the roads of Texas and it is all too easy to forget the potential dangers they may pose, not only to others on the road, but to the truck drivers themselves. We saw in a previous article how the driver of an 18-wheeler was killed when his vehicle was involved in an accident with another truck.

It is not unusual for a second vehicle to be the cause of a truck accident and this other vehicle does not need to be a second truck. Passenger vehicles can endanger themselves and trucks in the following ways:

  • Passing a truck unsafely, or attempting to drive between trucks.
  • Moving into the space into which a truck is attempting to turn.
  • Moving into the space in front of a truck and neither accelerating away sufficiently or leaving enough space.
  • Causing a truck to brake or swerve by getting in its way.

Bus crash claims lives of 4 young softball players

It is a sad fact that every time you venture onto the roads, you effectively take your life into your hands. One negligent driver can be all it takes for disaster to occur and the consequences can be dire. Motor vehicle accidents can result in serious injuries for all concerned and in many cases they cost lives. One such fatal accident tragically befell a bus carrying a softball team from North Central Texas College.

Do not let a drunk driving accident leave you out of pocket

Being involved in an accident is never a pleasant experience. If you are lucky, you may come out relatively unscathed, but this does not make the incident any less traumatic and unfortunate. Worse still, in some cases, the repercussions could be far more serious. You or your passengers could be gravely injured, your vehicle may be damaged and your life may be turned upside down.

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, you can all too easily become involved in an accident if someone else on the road is negligent or irresponsible. For example, if you encounter an intoxicated driver on the road, you might not realize the danger until it is too late. These drivers can be unpredictable and extremely dangerous. We saw in a previous article how a number of children were injured after falling from the car of an allegedly drunk driver.

What are the main causes of motorcycle accidents?

As a motorcycle rider in Texas, no matter how careful you are, you are still at risk of an accident. It is vital to stay alert at all times, but if you encounter a negligent driver, there may be nothing you can do to avoid the crash. Sadly, it is often the motorcyclist who comes off worse in these situations. We discussed in a previous article the life-changing and potentially fatal consequences of motorcycle accidents, but what tends to cause these accidents?

According to statistics, up to 80 percent of crashes involving motorcycles resulted in a fatality or significant morbidity. Furthermore, in the cases where a second vehicle was involved, only 2 percent of the fatalities were occupants of passenger vehicles. The other 98 percent were riders of motorcycles.

Deciding fault in a car accident can be a difficult task

In the aftermath of a car accident, you may have numerous worries. Was anyone seriously hurt? How long will it take to recover from your injuries? How much will it cost to repair your vehicle? The financial burden brought about by such incidents can be significant and you may choose to make an insurance claim. Furthermore, if someone else was at fault in the accident, you may be able to seek compensatory damages from them.

In a previous article, we discussed the actions to take immediately following a car accident and the information you should share in this event. When this is done, however, it may be necessary to determine who was at fault during the crash. In some cases, multiple drivers, including yourself, may have contributed to the accident.

Multi-vehicle accident kills Texas truck driver

Truck accidents can have devastating consequences. It is often the drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles who suffer the most in such accidents. Of course, this is not always the case, especially when one truck collides with another. One such truck accident in Texas resulted in the death of a truck driver from the Dallas area.

The 53-year-old man was driving an 18-wheeler along a highway in Morris County when the accident occurred. According to reports, traffic on the highway was slowed by debris. The victim is said to have begun to steer his truck off the roadway in order to avoid a collision with other vehicles. A second 18-wheeler apparently had the same idea and the two collided, with the first truck crashing into the rear end of the second. A pickup was also involved in the accident, having been struck by the trailer of the second truck.

How is blood alcohol concentration measured?

If you are involved in an accident with a drunk driver, one of the things that officers may ask of the other driver and possibly you as well is to submit to a series of tests to determine whether either of you are intoxicated. A number of these test revolve around your blood alcohol concentration.

The legal limit in all 50 states is 0.08 percent. If your BAC is at or above this level, you could be charged. At the same time, if the other driver is found to be over the limit, you may be able to claim compensation. Drunk drivers endanger themselves and everyone on the road around them, so it is entirely understandable that you might want to pursue legal proceedings if you are involved in a DUI accident.

Fatal accidents leave families wondering what to do next

It is a horrible thing to contemplate. You bid goodbye to a loved one as they leave for work or head off to pick up some groceries, but they never come home. Perhaps their car was involved in a crash or they were struck by a vehicle while they were on foot. Motor vehicle accidents can often result in serious injuries and even death, leaving you and your family with a sudden void to come to terms with.

Grieving can take time and it is likely that during that period you may not be able to give much attention to anything else. However, at the same time you may be wondering how and why the accident occurred. Could it have been prevented and who was responsible? Furthermore, you may find yourself uncertain about what to do next.

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