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Operating a motorcycle can be a balance between joy and danger

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you may be all too aware of the potential dangers that you can be exposed to on the roads. Nevertheless, you may also have decided that the joy of riding is worth the potential risks. Furthermore, why should you forfeit a pastime you enjoy because others on the road may be negligent?

Sadly, it only takes a brief slip-up on the part of one person on the roads to cause a catastrophic accident. Unfortunately, when a motorcyclist is involved in such an accident, they can often come off worst. Unprotected by a vehicle exterior and with only a helmet to protect their head from impact, they can suffer serious injuries.

What info should I share after a car accident?

In the immediate aftermath of a car crash, it’s normal to feel a bit out of sorts. It happens so quickly — and is often so unexpected — that it can make your head spin. You might not know how to proceed, so here are a few pointers that you can tuck away and use if you find yourself in an auto accident. Your first thought is to make sure that everyone is OK.

If anyone is hurt, ensure an ambulance is called to attend to the injured. If you see that the person is suffering from back or neck pain, try not to move them unless it’s absolutely necessary. 

Who could be liable in the event of a commercial truck accident?

Commercial truck accidents can be severe and devastating. These vehicles can often be very large, with potentially hazardous loads. If one crashes, not only does it cover a wide area, it can also do a lot of damage, simply as a result of its weight and the difficulty of maneuvering it if it runs into trouble. However, as is the case in any accident, if you are involved in a truck crash, the cause of that crash will need to be determined. This can affect the legal repercussions of the accident as well as your eligibility for compensation.

Commercial truck crashes can arise as a result of a number of factors, including driver fatigue or carelessness, a badly secured load or even a poorly maintained truck. If the truck driver was at fault during your accident, he or she may be liable. However, according to FindLaw, there are several other aspects of the crash that are worth taking into consideration.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents: how common are they?

Cars have become an inextricable part of our daily lives, especially here in America. We use them for nearly everything, from carting the children to and from school to picking up the groceries and doing our daily commute. They are such an essential part of our routine, in fact that we tend to forget what a dangerous endeavor we are undertaking when we get behind the wheel. However, the fact remains: unless you’re a professional skydiver, driving a car is probably the most dangerous thing you do every day. 

Drunk driving deaths: How bad are the numbers?

It’s no profound statement to say that the invention of the car changed this country in countless ways. Automobiles allowed us to spread out to the suburbs. They gave us a sense of freedom that plays into our American heritage. They also allowed us to move things with relative ease. Because of this, we rely on them perhaps more than any other country in the world, taking 233 billion trips per year in our vehicles.

But with the good comes the bad. A shocking one in 2,000 of these excursions are undertaken by a drunk driver. Even more appalling is the fact that an intoxicated driver is responsible for one in every three traffic fatalities.

Motorcyclist dead after car fails to yield

Riding a motorcycle is an awesome experience. You’re out in the open air, enjoying the scenery from a perspective that a car just can’t offer. But the things that make motorcycles so enjoyable are the same things that make them so dangerous. You’re completely exposed to the elements, and, even with protective gear like helmets, a meeting with the unforgiving pavement often spells disaster for the rider. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to the inattentiveness or unawareness of passenger cars, whose drivers often show an unwillingness to share the road.

A tragic motorcycle accident in late June in Texas put an exclamation point on this fact. A motorcyclist was headed north on a road in McKinney and proceeded through an intersection, as was his right. That’s when a Chevy Tahoe failed to yield to the motorcycle and entered the intersection, plowing into the bike. The driver of the motorcycle was killed instantly. The driver of the Tahoe was not injured in the crash.

Texas intersection modified after series of car accidents

Usually, when we talk about accidents, it’s about drunk driving or negligence on the part of one of the drivers. But there are other factors that cause car accidents that are less obvious, but just as dangerous. City planners, in an effort to stay within a budget or save money, often cut corners or simply overlook dangerous conditions at intersections around Texas.

When that happens, the consequences can be devastating. One such intersection exists in East Texas and it has been the site of dozens of tragic accidents over the years. Local residents have known about the problem for a many years. They say that the intersection’s blind spots and fast traffic make the potential for wrecks extremely high and have lobbied Upshur County in an effort to make administrators take action.

Children injured riding atop car of allegedly intoxicated woman

Sometimes in Texas, you come across traffic incidents that just make you scratch your head. More often than not, they involve intoxicated drivers doing foolish and dangerous things that no reasonable person would ever do. The resulting drunk driving accidents are often tragic and sometimes involve innocent victims.

A Texas woman is facing charges of driving while intoxicated with a child under the age of 15, intoxication assault with a vehicle and injury to a child. The charges stem from an incident in mid-June in Crowley in which the woman allegedly had six children, some of them her own, ride on the outside of a car while she drove it. They were coming from a pool, the kids were still wearing wet swimsuits, and the woman purportedly didn’t want them to damage the upholstery of the Chevy Malibu she was driving.

Authorities looking into truck safety after comedian's crash

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you’ve probably seen the headlines that comedian and actor Tracy Morgan was involved in a severe accident. According to reports, the driver of a semi truck didn’t see that traffic ahead of him had slowed. When he noticed, it was too late. He swerved, but still ended up rear ending Morgan’s limo, which ultimately landed on its side.

The fallout from the truck accident has been devastating. One of the passengers in the limo died and the others were injured, including the comedian, who was rushed to a hospital in critical condition. The driver of the 18-wheeler has been charged with four instances of assault by auto as well as one count of death by auto.

Impaired driving not the only type of negligent driving

There's a common misconception out there about car accidents and lawsuits. Many whose loved ones died in a motor vehicle accident here in Texas may think that the only winnable cases are ones involving drunk driving or other impairing substances. Because of this, they sit on the sidelines and suffer alone, footing the bill for medical costs, funeral expenses and the loss of wages that can accompany the death of a family member.

There are plenty of cases, though, where another driver's negligence has nothing to do with drugs or alcohol. With the advent of smartphones, drivers' noses are often facing downward, reading that text that just popped in or responding to an email. Also, drivers sometimes operate a vehicle while drowsy and either fall asleep at the wheel or crash because their senses were dulled.

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