Motorcycle Laws

Safety Helmet: Required by law under age 21. Over age 21, riders are not required to wear a helmet with proof of successful completion of rider training or $10,000 of medical insurance covering injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident.

Eye Protection: Not required.

Daytime Use of Headlight: Required unless motorcycle is manufactured prior to 1975.

Passenger Seat: Required if carrying a passenger.

Helmet Speakers: No restrictions.

Mirror: Left (L)- Right (R): One required.

Radar Detector: No restriction.

Turn Signals: Required if model year 1960 or newer.

Muffler: No acoustical criteria.

Maximum Sound Level: No acoustical criteria.

State Insurance Requirements: Compulsory Liability (minimum limits) (25/50/25)

Handlebar Height: Maximum of 15" above seat - required by inspection regulations.

Rider-Education Waiver: Skill Test

Motorcycles operating two abreast in same lane: Not referenced in Administrative code or statutes

Lane Splitting: Not referenced in Administrative code or statutes- however - if you split lanes in Texas, the good-ol-boys will ticket you for it. Police refer to a statute pertaining to 'all vehicles must maintain proper lane'. We're still in the talking stages on this one as proposed Senate Bill 506, stipulates that lane sharing be made legal only when the motorcyclist is traveling 5 mph faster than traffic, the flow of cars is no faster than 25 mph, and both operator and passenger must be wearing helmets, among other details.