Commercial Vehicle Accidents

After an accident with a commercial vehicle — whether a semi truck, delivery van or other commercially owned motor vehicle — you will find that the company that owns the vehicle is quick to deny responsibility for the accident. In the worst cases, the company and its insurance carrier may even blame you for an accident that is not your fault. When these companies come at you with an army of lawyers and attempt to get you to sign a settlement agreement, what should you do?

You need an experienced attorney on your side as soon as possible to put you on even footing with these companies and their legal departments — you need The Martin Law Firm. For more than 25 years, attorney Gregg Martin has been advocating for the rights of those injured in commercial vehicle accidents, other auto wrecks and a wide range of other injury-causing situations. From our office in Houston, we fight for clients across Texas when they find themselves the victims of:

  • Semi truck accidents
  • Accidents involving gas and oil company vehicles
  • Taxi accidents
  • Accidents caused by electrician vans, plumbing vans and other service vehicles
  • Accidents involving delivery vans and other delivery vehicles

Never sign anything until you have an attorney review it. Without a proper assessment, you may be signing away your rights to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, ruined property and other damages.

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